Continue "Charging the Way" Over the Break!

Happy Friday and Happy Holidays Charger Family, 

We have made it to the unofficial midpoint of the school year and even though we want our students to have a well-deserved break, we also want them to take the opportunity to complete any missing assignments they may have for a class. There may be only one or two missing assignments, but for a class such as math, that is a year-long course, you may have double-digit missing assignments. Our Winter Break has a grand total of 16 days off, 10 of which occur Monday – Friday. Therefore, if students can complete and submit one assignment per day, they have the potential to bring their total missing assignments down to single digits, if not eliminating them altogether.  

This is an excellent opportunity to accomplish this task; trying to complete missing assignments during an active school week may be quite challenging and discouraging for students, while also completing current assignments. This sort of “give & take” may leave students feeling like they are getting nowhere, and we want  to uplift our students to continually be motivated! 

So, please support and encourage your children to complete any and all missing assignments, that they may return to school in the New Year with a clean slate and a fresh start! 

Thank you again and best wishes for a rejuvenating and productive break. 



Bryan M. Thomas, Assistant Principal 

Sierra Vista Middle School