Counseling and Library Resources During EDL


During EDL, students will find it helpful to have access to Counseling and Library services. 

Our Counselors have created a Google Classroom to help during this stressful time.  We care about you, and want you to take care of yourself!  Please use these resources and/or contact your counselor if you need assistance.

Ms. McKinnon, 7th Grade Counselor,

Ms. Alexander, 8th Grade Counselor,

For Counseling's Google Classroom, click on this link and then click + to join with this code:  no5xso6


Our librarian is compiling helpful resources for you, and we believe you will find them useful.  Please access them and/or contact our librarian if you need assistance.  

Mrs. Ralston, Library Media Center Specialist,

To join the Library Media Center's Google Classroom, click on this link and then click + to join with this code: aupugfj