Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is October 25-29th.  ASB, Counseling, and the City of Irvine will host a number of activities to remind students the importance of making healthy choices in their lives.  Here are just some of the fun events you can plan for:

Monday the 25th: PJ Day.  Wear your school appropriate pajamas to school.

Tuesday the 26th: Twin Day. Dress like one of your classmates.

Wednesday the 27th: Red Day.  Dress in all red to school.

Wednesday the 27th: Walk to School.  Meet at the closest soccer field to Culver at Hick's Canyon for 8:45..  We will all  walk to Sierra Vista together.

Thursday the 28th: Tropical Day.  Dress in school appropriate tropical clothes to school.

Friday the 29th: Wear your school appropriate costume to school.