You must cite the sources you used for information. It indicates where you got your ideas and information and gives credibility to your work. It also lets your reader or audience know where to go for more information.

When using pictures and photographs in a PowerPoint presentation or other project, you should also list those sources.

The list should be in alphabetical order. The second line of an entry should be indented 3 spaces. (This is called a hanging indent).


MLA Bibliography Format


Author(s). Title of Book. City where published: Publisher, Publication year. Medium.

Schaller, George B. The Last Panda. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1993. Print.

Two authors

Lumkin, Susan, and John Seidensticker. Smithsonian Book of Giant Pandas. Washington D.C.: Smithsonian Intitution Press, 2002. Print.

More than 2 authors

Smith, John, et al. Endangered Animals. New York: Random House, 2001. Print.


Langdon, Harold, ed. Endangered Animals of the Southern Hemisphere. Chicago: Simon and Schuster, 2003. Print.



Author. "Title of article." Name of Encyclopedia. Place: Publisher, Publication year. Page(s). Medium.

Ostrower, Gary B. "League of Nations." Chicago: World Book, Inc. 2000. 185-89. Print.

(If no author is listed, begin with the title of the article).


Periodicals (magazines and journals):

Author. "Title of article." Name of Magazine. Date on magazine: page nos.

Lemonick, Michael D. "Hobbits of the South Pacific. Time." 8 November 2004: 26-29.



Author. "Title of article." Name of Newspaper. Date of newspaper article: section and page no.

Getlin, Josh. "HomeIis Where the Hurt Was." Los Angeles Times. 5 November 2004: A1+.



Last Name, First Name. Kind of Interview (telephone or personal). Date Month Year.



Author's Last Name, First Name. Name of Web Page. Date of posting/revision. Name of institution/corparation affiliated with the site. Acess Day Month Year. <Web address>.

Smith, David. Giant Pandas. 12 February 2001. Irvine Zoo. 14 April 2003. <>.



Writer Last name, First Name. "Episode or progam Title." Title of Program Series . Producer First, M. Last. Director First M. Last. Name of network. Station call letters, City, State, Date Month. Year. Television/Radio.